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ultrasensitive proteomics

Ultrasensitive single-cell proteomics methods:
1) Chemical labelingenhance signal
2) Containerless sample preparationminimize loss
3) Novel algorithmsimprove detection

Big data analysis platform

Better data analysis platforms for omics data:
1) Data visualization 
2) Multi-omics data integration
3) Machine learning methods

Cancer Early diagnostics

1) Exosome proteome —  patient classification
2) Circulating tumor cellsliquid biopsy
3) Extracellular matrix — cancer metastasis

Classify patients' response with 100 μl of blood


1) Cancer tumor cell heterogeneity, ovarian, breast
2) Neurodegenerative diseasesneuron profiling, pain
3) Asthma HLA complex
4) Cardiovascular disease fetal hypoxia
5) Infectious diseases S. mansoni, host defense