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One of the most used extracellular (ECM) matrix protein database. If you do matrix research, give it a try!


Sequence Coverage Visualizer, a tool that helps you to visualize your proteomics experiment in 3D.

Do you have t2d files and need to convert them quickly into mzxml or txt? Try this one.

Protein-ID is our open and free (for any non-profit use) platform for proteomics data analysis. If you are interested in the alpha test, please contact us!

MSCompress is our new mass spectrum data compression tool, which aims to accelerate your data transfer, peptide/protein identification. With a smaller data size, the risk of data loss is also smaller. Download and try it at our git sites.

ProLuCID-GUI is a user-friendly graphic user interface for the ProLuCID search engine. Click the title above to download and use it.

Post-acquisition targeted search is a tool to search for novel peptides in large existing datasets. The original paper is available at bioRxiv: Targeted Searches for Novel Peptides in Big Mass Spectrometry Data Sets,


Peptoid Chemdraw Generator is the tool to help you to generate peptoid structures quickly. Originally developed for my own research use, but please use it if you need.
Windows version: Click here
OSX version: Click here