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Yu (Tom) Gao, phd

B.S. Peking University HSC, Pharmaceutical Sciences (2004 – 2008)
Ph.D. Scripps Research – Florida (Mentor: Thomas J. Kodadek, 2008 – 2014)
Post-doc Scripps Research – La Jolla (Mentor: John R. Yates III, 2014 – 2018)

Associate Professor (2023 – ), Assistant Professor (2018 – 2023), Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, College of Pharmacy, University of Illinois at Chicago
Associate Member, University of Illinois Cancer Center, 2019 – present
Adjunct appointment, 
Richard and Loan Hill Department of Biomedical Engineering Colleges of Engineering and Medicine, 2022 – present

NIH MIRA Award, 2019
UIC PhLAMES, Faculty of the Year, 2021
UIC Researcher of the year, Rising Star award 2022 – 2023

Complete CV: Click here
Office phone: 312-996-8087


Cory Matsumoto
B.S. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Graduate Student 2020.5 -

Julia Ekiert
B.S. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Graduate Student 2021.5 -

Chris Grams
B.S. University of Illinois at Chicago, Computer Science
Student researcher 2020.5 -

Dương Trịnh Ngọc
PhD, RCSI, University of Medicine and Health Sciences, Dublin, Republic of Ireland
Post-doc Associate at Gao lab since 2023.5 -

Sabrina Khuntia
M.S., University of Florida
B.S. University of Illinois Chicago
Graduate student 2023 -

Chang Liu
B.S. University of Texas Austin
M.S. Johns Hopkins University
Graduate Student 2023 -

Siwar Hamdi
B.S. University of Illinois Chicago 2021 -
Undergraduate Researcher 2023 -

Beatriz "Trizi" Ibarra
B.S. Benedictine University
M.S. Northern Illinois University
Ph.D. Case Western Reserve University
Postdoc researcher 2023.10 -

Sara Elgendy
B.S. University of Sharjah
M.S. University of Sharjah
Graduate Student 2023 -
Google Scholar

Marko Bogosavljevic
B.S. University of Illinois Chicago
Graduate Student 2023 -

Edward Huang

MD/PhD Student 2024 -

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Ziwei Zhang, PhD

B.S. and M.S. Peking University, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Ph.D. from Gao lab (#2), 2019 – 2023

Current position: Beigene @ Beijing

Xinhao Shao, PhD

B.S. Heilongjiang University, M.S. Illinois Institute of Technology

Ph.D. from Gao lab (#1), 2018 – 2023

Current position: Abbvie

Angela Mahaffey, PhD

Ph.D. Loyola University

Visiting Scholar at Gao lab from 2022.5 – 2023.5

Current position: Clinical Assistant Professor, Loyola University 

Rahul Narayanan, PhD

Ph.D. from IIT

Post-doc Associate at Gao lab from 2021.10 – 2023.2

Current position: Faculty member at SRM Institute of Science and Technology, India

Liang Chen, PhD

Ph.D. from University of Tasmania

Post-doc Associate at Gao lab from 2021.6 – 2022.8

Current position: Post-doc Associate at PNNL

Xiuyuan Ma, PhD

Ph.D. from Rutgers University

Post-doc Associate at Gao lab from 2019.6 – 2021.5

Current position: Research Scientist at Abbvie

Michael Hollas, PhD

Ph.D. from University of Manchester

Post-doc Associate at Gao lab from 2018.10 – 2019.6

Current position: Staff Scientist at Northwestern University

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