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Mailing address: 833 S Wood St., Room 335, Chicago, IL, 60612, USA
Office: 833 S Wood St., 5th Floor, 505A, Chicago, IL, 60612, USA
Phone: 312-996-8087


1. By air. Fly to Chicago O’Hare International Airport, take the blue line CTA train, change to pink line at Clark station, take pink line towards 54th/Cermak direction to Polk station. Polk station is at the parking lot of our College of Pharmacy.

2. By land. Drive/bike yourself to Route 66, all the way to the east until you reach Chicago’s Roosevelt road, then go east on Roosevelt road, turn north on Wood street, you will find us at 833 S Wood St. Chicago, IL, 60612

3. By water from Pacific. Kayak through Pacific Ocean, enter Columbia River in Washington State, turn east at Burbank, WA into Snake River, all the way to Jackson Lake in Wyoming. From Jackson Lake, you can go north through Snake River and then Lewis River to Lewis Lake, then find your way into the Yellowstone Lake. From there, enter Yellowstone River all the way east, to the Missouri-Yellowstone Confluence in North Dakota. Turn east and you now enter the Missouri River, which leads you all the way to St. Louis. From St. Louis, you can go into the Chicago River towards north and you will soon see the skyscrapers in Chicago, we will meet you at the bank. 

4. By water from Atlantic. If you kayak through the Atlantic Ocean, things are much simpler, go north to the Gulf of St. Lawrence, then enter the St. Lawrence River, go west to Lake Ontario, then all the way west to Lake Michigan, on the bottom left corner of Lake Michigan, you will find some skyscrapers, we will meet you at Navy Piers (the one with the Ferris Wheel).

5. By foot. Take the American Discovery Trail, north route, from either Delaware or California, all the way to Joliet, Illinois and you are only miles away from Chicago. Wait for a clear day, head towards the skyscrapers, we will meet you at the tallest one (Willis Tower).